The PPLA23UN encompasses a stylish dial panel for clear meter reading and easy maintenance and consists of:

  • Water Meter
  • STS Keypad Customer Interface Unit (CIU)

Using Radio Frequency Communication Technology, the STS meter communicates conveniently with its CIU to recharge the meter, request a balance and several other functions which provide comprehensive, reliable and advanced prepaid solutions to both landlords and tenants.

This meter is compatible with both velocity and volumetric flow rates and complies with OIMLR49, ISO4064 and conforms to STS standard protocol.  Moreover, the meter supports Anti-magnetic interference and Meter Cover open detection.  If the meter cover is opened the valve will close automatically.  The shut-off valve will close to stop the flow of water once the credit is exhausted.


Description Technical Parameter
 Dimension 105mm x 190mm x 96mm
 Weight 300g
 Power Supply  Lithium Battery
 Working Voltage  3.6V-6V
Communication Method RF Wireless 470MHz
Communication Protocol IEC62055-41, 51
 Working Distance  150m
 Work Environment  0º – 50º
 Working Humidity  10% – 90%
 Maximum Pressure  1.6MPa (16 Bar)
 Q3 (m³/h)  4.0
 R (Q3/Q1)  80
 Accuracy Class  2
 Error: Q2≤Q≤Q4  2%
 Error: Q1≤Q≤Q2  5%
 Pressure Loss ≤0.063 MPa
 Pulse Equivalent  0.1m³
 IP Level IP68
 Diameter  20mm-25mm